sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2014

41 years

Battle torn, worn and weak,
I stand in line to fight
The wolf is hungry for his meat,
Which I'll not be tonight.

My sword I raise above my head,
And sound my battle horn.
Odin if you hear me,
My allegiance has been sworn.

The strength of Thor is in me,
I'll not fall as prey.
With Tyr along to guide me,
I'll find victory this day!

My brothers lay before me,
In battle they've been beat.
They died like noble Norseman,
So in Valholl we will meet.

Battle torn, worn and weak,
This conflict has run long!
The wolf has had his fill of meat
The warriors will is strong

Hail the Einherier!
Hail those that have served.
Hail to the fallen!
All Hail those now falling.

Father: sail in fair winds and, when arriving to Ultima Thulé, you'll find peace in your heart.

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